For more than 20 years, voices have been the focus of what we do

At Voxon, everyone brings their skills into play, together with their own distinct resources, aware that the end result will always be greater than the sum of its parts.  We want everyone to be able to express their very best so that we can feel more united. Our aim is to help one another to achieve shared goals: to make sure you are pleased with your choice.

Voxon thought, Voxon faces

For over 20 years, we have been giving a voice to your ideas, your audiovisual projects, and your ad campaigns on TV or social media. We love to know that you are satisfied with the voice artist we recommend.

We like to conclude our recording sessions in our dubbing studios in Florence, or remotely, safe in the knowledge that we have delivered the result you were looking for.

We also love it when you leave us great reviews for the quality of our services or the efficiency of our team, who are often available to assist you outside of normal working hours.

But more than anything, we love to be able to grow alongside you.

And that’s what we want to keep doing.

Stefano Masoni

Silvia Buleto

Brenda Viviani

Francesco Foderà

Ramida Rruqja

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