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March 27: World Theater Day

Have you ever wondered “What world day is today?”.

In recent years, thanks also to social media, the question of the various “world days” has entered the daily life of each of us. Practically every day of the week we discover that there are days and anniversaries dedicated to many different situations and topics. But for those who love the theater, today March 27th is the day that is worth more than all. But what is this day? How was it born and why? World Theater Day was born in 1961 on the initiative of the members of the IX Congress of the International Theater Institute. To be precise, the proposal to establish a day for the theater was made by playwright Arvi Kivimaa on behalf of the Finnish Center. The idea was so popular that since March 27, 1962, “World Theater Day” has been celebrated every year.

The International Theater Institute was born in the aftermath of the Second World War, in 1948. It is one of the largest international non-governmental organizations dedicated to the theater and was founded in Paris by UNESCO and by important personalities of the theater of the time.

We like to highlight this date and this event because, as you can imagine, many of the voices in our gallery of speakers and dubbers come from the theater world. Actresses and actors who, when they are not on the stage, lend their voice and their talent to the reading of our texts, commercials, documentaries, audio books, etc. To all these professionals who, often with great sacrifices, carry on their passion, we say thank you for their availability and for how they know how to put themselves on the line every time. Long live the Theater.

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