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Trends raging in advertising writing.

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At the end of the 80s, who among us speakers did not read at least once an advertising text in which the definition “highly qualified personnel” appeared? A typical example of writing commercials or “documentaries” of those years could be: The Pallini e Palloni company has been operating for years in the thermo-hydraulic sector, with the best products and highly qualified personnel. Then came the 90s and there was a progressive introduction of English terms. It all started from the “know how”. Every company, but also the small provincial carpentry, could boast a solid and imperishable know-how. With the arrival of the new millennium, “passion” enters the scene in the lyrics. Infected by the vibrant declarations of one of Formula One’s most famous managers , there was no copywriter who didn’t pepper his texts with the word “passion”: we build with passion, the secret of our success is the passion for our work, and away and away and away. Then came “excellence” in the 10s of the 2000s. Yes, because each district has its excellence: in the production of wine or footwear there are excellent companies but some represent excellence. With the 20s of the XXI century, haunted by gloomy scenarios, the result of a senseless exploitation of fossil energies, here is that every commercial, every body copy or headline highlights “sustainability”. Sustainable fishing, sustainable agriculture, etc etc. Here, among the various advertising writing trends that we have known in more than 40 years on the microphone, we can certainly say that equally effective synonyms of “know-how”, “passion”, “excellence” could certainly be found. But we feel we can support (excuse the bad pun) the abuse of the term “sustainability”, since even when we are talking about cod fillets it is important that we are constantly aware of climate change and therefore inclined to make responsible choices… even at the supermarket.

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