Terms and Conditions

General Conditions for Provision of Service

The present agreement regulates the relationship and defines the criteria for the realisation and finalisation of professional sound recordings carried out by Verba Manent Srl of Stefano Masoni & Co., henceforth referred to by the trademark name Voxon.

1 – Voice casting

The voices of speakers, actors and professional dubbers, both Italian and foreign mother tongue, are published on the the website www.voxon.net and are freely available to be listened to and downloaded without obligation. These demos are indicative of the effective performance of the speakers in terms of reading rythmn and interpretative ability.

2 – Estimate

An estimate of cost and delivery time may be requested free-of-charge from Voxon by means of the appropriate section of the www.voxon.net site, by e-mail to info@voxon.net, or by phoning 055 52 74 385. The prospective client is asked to describe the object of the estimate clearly and exhaustively, with all possible information concerning:

– the length of the text in number of words, or better still, characters including spaces;

– voice gender (male or female) and/or preferred speaker chosen from the catalogue;

– tone, intention and interpretative characteristics appropriate to the established project;

– any translation requirements;

– method and period of planned transmission of the audio recording to be supplied;

– requirements relating to format, post-production, indexing and naming of the file;

– particular requirements relating to delivery time;

– insertion/montage of background sounds, special effects, music and ambientation;

– any synchronisation, dubbing or sound-coupling to pre-existing contributions.

The estimate is dependent on the information provided by the prospective client; Voxon undertakes to provide the estimate within 12-24 working hours from the receipt of the request and the relative information. Unless otherwise agreed, the validity of the order extends to 45 days from its formulation.

3 – Order Confirmation

The order confirmation contains the data from the estimate, stating delivery date and payment required. If accepted by the client it constitutes the initiation of the realisation phase. The client is required to nominate a contact for any further and more specific indications regarding pronunciation of particular words, acronyms, abbreviations, brand names, sound effects and final choice of audio format.

Texts are evaluated and predisposed for recording by Voxon, who may, in the case of evident differences from those characteristics originally provided by the customer, annul, integrate, or modify the estimated costs and organisational profile, presenting the customer with a renewed order confirmation invalidating the previous one.

Upon acceptance of the order, the first-time client will be provided with an ID and password enabling him/her to access the reserved area of the www.voxon.net website and to proceed with:

1) audition of the initial recording;

2) download of the definitive file.

4 – Recording

Initiation of recording by Voxon takes place only upon receipt of clearly legible, corrected and definitive written texts, preferably in .doc, .odt or .pdf formats. Unless expressly foreseen in the costing phase, the extraction of the text from a video and/or simultaneous translation by the speaker during recording is excluded. In the event of Voxon being responsible for the translation of the text, it is implicit that the translation be approved by the client before recording begins. If in the course of recording, Voxon finds errors in the text provided by the client, such as misprints, ungrammatical expressions or mistakes in translation or of syntax, unknown or incomprehensible words, etc., recording will be interrupted in order to communicate with the client’s contact. Suspension of recording might involve an added charge calculated on the basis of the hourly cost of the studio and of possible expenditure for recall of the speaker. Upon completion of recording, Voxon will provide the client with a significant extract located in the reserved area of the www.voxon.net website, to which the credentials provided in the order confirmation phase permit access.

5 – Special Services

Compatibly with the specifications and requirements of the project, the recording phases may be followed by the client’s contact directly on site or on Skype, thereby offering the speaker further suggestions regarding the required tone, intention or pronunciation. This possibility is evaluated with the client in particular cases and is subject to a specific tariff quoted in the costing phase.

When requested by the client, Voxon can provide a translation/adaptation service on the texts sent. Upon completion of the translation/adaptation, this text is sent to the client for approval. If it is considered unsatisfactory because clearly discordant with the original text, Voxon undertakes to carry out the appropriate corrections. If, on the other hand, the objections are purely from a stylistic point of view, changes will only be made upon payment of a further fee, calculated for each particlar case by the translator. If, for whatever reason, the client should decide to entrust the translation/adaptation to a third party, the client will still be liable to pay for the translation as agreed in the order confirmation phase.

6 – Payment and Delivery

Normally the completed recording will be made available in the reserved area of the website www.voxon.net, from which it may be downloaded by means of the credentials supplied when ordering. At the client’s request a CD of the recording may also be sent by post or courier.

Payment can be made by bank transfer to IBAN IT87H0630037960CC1080200370 or by PayPal.

7 – Mistakes and Rerecordings

Reading errors, incongruences with respect to the supplied text, differences of tone or reading style from those agreed upon with the client will be corrected in a specific recording session at no additional charge.

For other modifications and/or integrations desired by the client requiring rerecordings subsequent to the delivery and acceptance of the first recording, the cost of a new speaker/studio session will be charged.

8 – Use of Recording – Transmission Rights

The use made of the sound recording is entirely the responsibility of the client. Transmission rights are related to the periods and methods stipulated in the order confirmation. Any further usage must be expressly authorized by Voxon.

9 – Privacy

The client acknowledges being informed that his/her personal data are held in the archives of Verba Manent Srl and that their use will be limited to this and associated companies exclusively for administrative requirements for the transmission of commercial and promotional material relative to the activity of Verba Manent Srl. He/she further acknowledges an awareness of the possibility to view, cancel and rectify the personal data, or to object to its use in the event of legal obligations being violated. He/she expressly authorizes Verba Manent Srl to send commercial proposals by post or e-mail.

10 – Competent Court

Any legal controversy falls within the exclusive competence of the Courts of Justice of Florence.