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Voxon, the voice of places

Places speak, in fact places talk to us. Some in the song of crickets on a summer afternoon, others in the silence of mountain valleys.  In castles, villas, abandoned towns you can hear the voice of the wind whisper stories of lives long passed. But there is one place in particular that really needs a human voice: the museum. Beyond its role as cultural custodian, a museum must transform observation into words, words that can interest, inspire and entertain the visitor.

Hence the importance (and the difficulty) of providing the right voice for the words of an audio guide.  There’s nothing more compelling than a discrete, empathetic voice that, whatever the content, is able to transport the visitor through the museum with the ease, pace, precision, clarity, variety and coherence of which Calvino writes, and transform a visit into an authentic pleasure. Scrolling through our recent collaborations with public bodies and museums, we discover a list both long and varied….

Voxon voices accompany enthusiasts of two and four wheels on roaring journeys through the histories of a legendary motorcycle in the Ducati Museum at Borgo Panigale, of the world’s most famous car manufacturer in the Ferrari Museum at Modena, and of the race that has obtained mythical status in the Mille Miglia Museum at Brescia. The less sporting can meet up with the voices of Voxon for a tour of the Archeological Park in Ravenna, or of the antique port of Classe built by Augustus, or among the ghosts of Lari Castle, or else of the Executioner’s House in Lucca, recently reopened to the public and housing an important multimedia centre dedicated to the Via Francigena, or again of Miramare Castle, set in a park overlooking the Gulf of Trieste, or perhaps walking through the lanes of Venice guided by our voices on a brand new app. The voices of Voxon will be your companions on your visit to the Royal Palace of Venaria Reale in Turin, a masterpiece of architecture and landscaping; they will lead you through the Diocesan Museum of Parma in the presence of the archangels Michael and Gabriel; and they will perform the ritual honours when you enter the ‘House of the Gods’, the National Archeological Museum of Paestum. Contemporary art enthusiasts can hear us at the Depero House of Futurist Art, or else at the MART, the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Trento and Rovereto.

So at this point I’d say we could sum up by coining a slogan something along the lines of: ‘where there’s culture, art, history, sport or entertainment, there’s always a Voxon voice.’

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